About Cheyenne County, Colorado

Cheyenne County was established in 1889 and covers roughly 1,800 square miles with an approximate population of 1836 people.  This County is named after the Town which became the county seat, Cheyenne Wells (established in 1870 and incorporated in 1890).  The County was created from portions of Elbert and Bent Counties.  The Town’s name was originally applied to a stage station, five miles north of the Town of Cheyenne Wells.  That location was named for the Cheyenne Indians of the Great Plains, and for several wells that were dug there.  “Cheyenne” is not the name used by the Cheyenne tribe for themselves; it is said to be a Sioux name, Shairena, meaning “people of alien speech.”

Cheyenne Chief Little Wolf

About The Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office

The Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office is a small rural department that covers approximately 1800 square miles and we serve a population of approximately 1900 residents in four Towns; Cheyenne Wells (The County Seat), the Town of Kit Carson, Town of Arapahoe and Wild Horse. We have six sworn deputies, including the Sheriff and Undersheriff. Cheyenne County is bordered on the West by Lincoln County, North by Kit Carson County, East by the Kansas State line and South by Kiowa County. Cheyenne County does not operate a jail. Our Dispatch center is operated 24 hours a day and we serve not only the Sheriff’s Office, but the Cheyenne County Ambulance Service, Kit Carson Volunteer Fire Department, and the Cheyenne Wells Volunteer Fire Department.